Why it is called Juju

May 20, 2006

Or why the feral colony is called Juju Feral Cat Colony.

Juju was one of the original (at the time we took over TNR’ng etc) cats. She was born to the first queen, Paula, that we trapped. Paula was a very..um..special feral. She was friendly with us unless we looked at her directly, but so good I could pick her up to check her surgery and peek at her belly. At the time she wasn’t 1 year old yet but had a 7 mos litter of 4 kittens and had adopted another four their mother had abandoned, a bit younger, probably less than a month. Juju was one of the adopted kittens, she grew up to be “very feral”, hardly at the food dish unless people wasn’t around. So wily that she got pregnant before we could catch her. As her litter (Pau and Paul) grew up she tamed somewhat (I mean socialized) and would eat with the others then she and her kittens would take cover in a range repository. We eventually spayed her and she changed for the better. Then she was shot as she was eating with the others. So, so, so unfair (never fair of course, but she was doing better and some idiot decided to cut her life short) At least I could hold her when she died, I’ll never forget it.  And so I changed the colony’s name to Juju in her honor. I don’t have her photo except for a faraway snapshot and this ‘unknown feral cat’ that I posted in the web.


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