August 29, 2006

 And heere’s Nanette, daughter of Insua! There was a distemper outbreak at the colony early this month. Due to my naivetee working with ferals I overlooked giving boosters so that several adults needed vaccinations and 

there was an unvaccinated litter. 

Nanette’s siblings, Biloxi and Juju2 perished in the epidemy. Another sibling_Foo_ was killed when the woodpile they lived at was covered in insulation dust, maybe he was already sick, I’ll never know that.

Nanette was hospitalized but survived on Albon and tamiflu. She’s with us now and I’m trying to tame her so that she can be adopted out in the future. Here she is peering out of her lair in the recovery cage. She seems to be at a plateau taming wise but that’s understable..Nanette’s the first 5 month old kitten I’ve had to tame and since she’s had almost no  human contact whatsoever it makes for a quite challenging enterprise.