July 28, 2006



July 28, 2006

 This is Albi. He joined the ferals some months ago and I’ve tried uncessfully to get him. Hadn’t seen him lately and I fear he might be gone. Wherever you are Albi (he’s named for Albi, France and his coat “white sunrise” in my made up Latin)  be happy and good. We’re trying hard for your bros and sis. All this is for you. 

June 16, 2006


My re- introductory photo above;  Insua with two of her three kittens. Their situation is precarious because she was spayed last week and we returned her thinking that her litter was gone..lo and behold, first one then another and later another kitten came to meet her! They are weaned but she must be in pain with their kneading. Thankfully she cares for them. I wished I could get closer to look at her belly but it isn’t possible (photo was taken from almost 1/2 block away)

May 25, 2006

So lets take it from the top..well start at the beginning or so. Backtracking I found out that I really didn’t introduce JCC cat by cat yet so heere’s Blacky! Blacky was the alpha male when we started trapping over two years ago. He’s a beautiful, large black cat. He seems to have fathered most of the colony, we have two of his kittens, almost identical to him in looks (same markings) and coat texture, even disposition.


May 20, 2006

Here’s Paula (tabby on the right), her brood and others having breakfast. Paula didn’t grow old with us unfortunatly. She dissapeared about two months after we TNR’her. Only photo of Paula, I made this magnet to sell in “What the voiceless tell us” section in my store Cat Agora http://www.cafepress.com/marta 

Why it is called Juju

May 20, 2006

Or why the feral colony is called Juju Feral Cat Colony.

Juju was one of the original (at the time we took over TNR’ng etc) cats. She was born to the first queen, Paula, that we trapped. Paula was a very..um..special feral. She was friendly with us unless we looked at her directly, but so good I could pick her up to check her surgery and peek at her belly. At the time she wasn’t 1 year old yet but had a 7 mos litter of 4 kittens and had adopted another four their mother had abandoned, a bit younger, probably less than a month. Juju was one of the adopted kittens, she grew up to be “very feral”, hardly at the food dish unless people wasn’t around. So wily that she got pregnant before we could catch her. As her litter (Pau and Paul) grew up she tamed somewhat (I mean socialized) and would eat with the others then she and her kittens would take cover in a range repository. We eventually spayed her and she changed for the better. Then she was shot as she was eating with the others. So, so, so unfair (never fair of course, but she was doing better and some idiot decided to cut her life short) At least I could hold her when she died, I’ll never forget it.  And so I changed the colony’s name to Juju in her honor. I don’t have her photo except for a faraway snapshot and this ‘unknown feral cat’ that I posted in the web.

Juju Feral cat colony

May 20, 2006

Juju Feral Cat colonyAnd now for part of the cast of characters; here’s the feral colony; Juju Feral Cat Colony. I don’t know its origins..it seems there have always been cats around FPM inc. Some feral, some stray, some dumped, some roaming pets. Jon always fed them and naturally there’d be litters born now and again.