Juju Feral cat colony

May 20, 2006

Juju Feral Cat colonyAnd now for part of the cast of characters; here’s the feral colony; Juju Feral Cat Colony. I don’t know its origins..it seems there have always been cats around FPM inc. Some feral, some stray, some dumped, some roaming pets. Jon always fed them and naturally there’d be litters born now and again.



May 18, 2006

I called this AFTC because that is what it is..all my sites, stores and blog now are to help with our cat caretaking. I’m Marta AKA Tartarin; my husband Jon and I care for a small feral cat colony in Nebraska. Blacky accompanies Jon to the feeding station  The blog will be divided in several categories; All for the Cats, The Ferals, Our Housecats, Cat caregivers, My Stores..there might be others in the future too.

The ferals

Cat Caregivers

Our housecats

My Stores

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